Issues with Login, Setting Location, Broken Icons, others #23

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JimPas commented Dec 1, 2016

I am using Firefox 50.0.6. But issues started popping up over a month ago.

  1. Login: After entering login info, the radio button turns a faint light blue and says, "Logging in." However, it gets stuck here. If I login from the website, it still shows me as "Not logged in" on the app.
  2. Location: The location shows as being in the town (and county) where my ISP is located. After setting the correct location (home location) and PWS, all it shows is the current temp and wind speed/direction - no high or low temperatures for "Today" or "Yesterday." In the "Forecast" section immediately below, none of the icons show. There is the blue circle constantly spinning.
  3. Broken Icons: Even after signing in and getting the location of my ISP, I am presented with a view other than the original WU app view. This one is mostly black. All the icons show as broken.
  4. Original view of WU app: For some reason it is defaulting to "History" for the location I enter. Clicking on "Forecast," I am shown the one icon for cloud/sky condition, current temp and wind speed/direction. Nothing else shows - weather map to the right, 10-day forecast, etc.. "More Conditions" does work.

This app used to be great... but with all of these issues and only getting the current temp and wind info - usually only after a lot of resetting info - I am close to the point of just uninstalling and going with a different app. Most frustrating!

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