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@@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
@@ -44,3 +44,30 @@ Note: We're using the FluxibleMixin, which includes a handy `getStore()` method
- Use webpack to compile/bundle the client. Modify `<HTML>` so it loads the bundled client.
- Add a store listener on `<Application>` so it updates whenever the ApplicationStore changes (eg: when the user clicks on a link and the current route changes)
- Add the RouterMixin to `<Application>` so the browser URL is updated correctly when the user visits a new route.
## Todos
- Create services/todo.js to offer a CRUD service for todos. It will store everything in memory, but will use setTimeout to simulate calling a DB.
- Add the Fetchr plugin to our app.js so it can connect to the todo service.
- Register the todo service on server.js (It requires body-parser).
- Create a TodoStore to handle app state for todos. Register the TodoStore with our app.js
- Modify Home.jsx so it renders todos
- Modify Application.jsx so it passes context to Home.jsx
- Add some stylesheets to assets/todomvc-common and require it on client.js
- Modify webpack.config.js so assets are bundled.
This is the process when we visit the home page:
1. A new request is made, server.js receives it.
2. Our middleware creates a new context instance and calls context.executeAction(navigateAction), passing it the current route.
2. navigateAction uses the routrPlugin to look for a matching route (home). Since we defined the showTodosAction as an action for the home route, the showTodosAction is executed.
3. The showTodosAction uses the fetchr plugin to make a 'read' request on the todos service.
4. After the read request succeeds, the showTodosAction dispatches a 'RECEIVE_TODOS_SUCCESS' action, with the todos that were returned.
5. The 'RECEIVE_TODOS_SUCCESS' action is dispatched to all stores registered with the app.
6. The TodoStore executes its _receiveTodos() method in response to the 'RECEIVE_TODOS_SUCCESS'. The _receiveTodos() method updates updates the TodoStore's local copy of todos.
7. The showTodosAction calls its callback function, letting the NavigateAction know it can continue.
8. The navigateAction emits the 'CHANGE_ROUTE_SUCCESS' action, which is dispatched to all stores registered with the app.
9. ApplicationStore executes its handleNavigate() method in response to the 'CHANGE_ROUTE_SUCCESS' action. The handleNavigate() method will update the ApplicationStore state.
10. Inside the executeAction callback, we'll create a new instance of our Application component, passing it the current context as a prop.
11. We render the Application component as a string, and send the result as our response.
Notice: when we visit the About page, and then click on the Home page, an AJAX request will be made to read from the todos service.
@@ -0,0 +1,19 @@
* Copyright 2014, Yahoo! Inc.
* Copyrights licensed under the New BSD License. See the accompanying LICENSE file for terms.
'use strict';
module.exports = function (context, payload, done) {
context.dispatch('RECEIVE_TODOS_START', payload);'todo', {}, {}, function (err, todos) {
if (err) {
context.dispatch('RECEIVE_TODOS_FAILURE', payload);
context.dispatch('RECEIVE_TODOS_SUCCESS', todos);
6 app.js
@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
var React = require('react');
var Fluxible = require('fluxible');
var routrPlugin = require('fluxible-plugin-routr');
var fetchrPlugin = require('fluxible-plugin-fetchr');
var app = new Fluxible({
appComponent: React.createFactory(require('./components/Application.jsx'))
@@ -11,6 +12,11 @@ app.plug(routrPlugin({
routes: require('./configs/routes')
xhrPath: '/api'
module.exports = app;
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