Un plugin pour Shaarli (fork communautaire) qui ajoute un menu personnel
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Un custom menu for Shaarli

AM Menu (Albinomouse Menu) is a plugin designed to enhance and customize Albinomouse template for Shaarli.


  1. Download the latest release of this plugin.
  2. Put the am_menu folder in your Shaarli installation, in plugins/ (don't change the name).
  3. Enable the plugin in Shaarli's plugin administration page.

You can also add am_menu to your list of enabled plugins in data/config.json.php (general.enabled_plugins list).

This should look like:

"general": {
  "enabled_plugins": [

The directory structure should look like:

    └── plugins
        └── am_menu
            ├── README.md
            └── am_menu.php


You can edit manually the file am_menu.php to change the items of the menu.

Only change these elements :

href => ' put the desired url here ', class => ' choose a class (optional) ', id => ' choose a id (optional) ', title => ' choose a title (optional) ', html => ' choose a button's name ',

If you use this plugin with Albinomouse template for Shaari you can also add any Glyphicon into the html element (see example into am_menu.php). CSS and fonts are loaded by the Albinomouse-template.