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Continuous Deployment

Because transit is like a river.

A program for generating bus route patronage visualisations from origin-destination data.

Note: this program has been going through a rewrite. It is now (v0.3) much faster but a little less flexible than the previous version (v0.2). The old code is still in the repository for now. Its documentation is in



Get a binary for your platform here.

If you'd like to install from source, first install the Rust toolchain and then run cargo install --git


Be sure to get your patronage and route data ready.

By default Fluvial will seek to generate visualisations for every possible route, which takes a while. Use -o ROUTE DIRECTION to generate just one thing at a time for initial testing.

Patronage data

This tool was developed with and is intended for data from TransLink SEQ.

That data is released here:

Download and put it somewhere accessible.

GTFS files

TransLink SEQ's GTFS data can be found here:

Caveat: the patronage data has historically been up to a year behind whereas the GTFS data is always current. Luckily routes don't change often.

Try if you need GTFS for a specific time (for example, if a route is seasonal).