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Generative bitmaps powered by deep learning. State-of-the-art implementation of various neural synthesis algorithms.
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This repository includes:

  1. A library of building blocks for state-of-the-art image synthesis.
  2. Reference implementations of popular deep learning algorithms.

Reference Implementations

In the examples folder, you'll find a documented implementation of neural style transfer based on the following:


1. Texture Synthesis

python examples/ --style texture.png --output-size 256x256 --output generated1.png

2. Image Reconstruction

python examples/ --content image.png --output generated2.png

3. Style Transfer

python examples/ --content image.png --style texture.png --output generated3.png


You will likely need to experiment with the default options to obtain good results:

  • --scales=N: Coarse-to-fine rendering with downsampled images.
  • --iterations=N: Number of steps to run the optimizer at each scale.
  • --style-layers A B C D: Specify convolution layers of VGG19 manually, by default 1 6 11 20 29 for relu*_1.
  • --style-weights a b c d: Override loss weights for style layers, by default 1.0 for each.
  • --content-layers E F: Specify convolution layers of VGG19 manually, by default 20 for relu4_1.
  • --content-weights e f: Override loss weight for content layers, by default 1.0.
  • --seed image.png: Provide a starting image for the optimization.
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