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from operator import eq
class Matcher(object):
"""For use in mocking, allows comparison of objects via some
arbitrary function called compare,
def __init__(self, compare, some_obj): = compare
self.some_obj = some_obj
def __eq__(self, other):
if, other):
return True
raise AssertionError("{0} is not equal to {1}".format(
self.some_obj, other))
class SubDictMatches(Matcher):
def __init__(self, expected):
super(SubDictMatches, self).__init__(assert_in_dicts, expected)
def assert_in_dicts(expected, actual, comp_func=eq):
"""Checks that all the key value pairs in expected are in a dictionary
in actual, which is a template context
for key, value in expected.items():
if key not in actual:
raise AssertionError("Actual does not contain key {0}".format(
actual_value = actual.get(key)
if not comp_func(actual_value, value):
raise AssertionError("Values for key '{0}' don't match, expected "
"value was {1}, value in actual was {2}".
format(key, value, actual_value))
return True
def make_dict_assert_func(comp_func):
"""Creates an assertion cuntions which compares values in two
dictionaries using comp_func
def assert_func(dictionary, context):
return assert_in_dicts(dictionary, context, comp_func=comp_func)
return assert_func
def compare_urls(url1, url2):
"""Compares urls for equality without respect to the order of
GET parameters
pr1 = urlparse.urlparse(url1)
pr2 = urlparse.urlparse(url2)
query1 = urlparse.parse_qs(pr1.query)
query2 = urlparse.parse_qs(pr2.query)
result = True
for key in ["scheme", "netloc", "hostname", "port", "path"]:
if getattr(pr1, key) != getattr(pr2, key):
raise AssertionError("url {0} did not match {1}".format(url1, url2))
if query1 != query2:
raise AssertionError("GET parameters for {0} and {1} "
"did not match".format(url1, url2))
return result
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