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Android Design Patterns

This is the source code for Android Design Patterns is powered by Jekyll and is hosted by GitHub Pages.

If you wish to fork this repository to use as the basis of your own blogging template, please make sure you review the license and copyright information below.

Building locally

Make sure you have at least Ruby 2.0.0 installed on your machine. From the this project's root directory, execute:

gem install bundler
bundler install


npm install
npm start

Then navigate to http://localhost:4000 to view the locally built site.

Find a typo?

If you find a typo, please feel free to suggest a correction yourself by submitting a pull request! All published posts are written in standard markdown format and can be found in the _posts/ directory. If you are unfamiliar with GitHub, the easiest way to suggest a fix is to:

  1. Navigate to the _posts/ directory and click on the post that contains the error.
  2. Click Edit and update the post with your proposed correction.
  3. Write a detailed commit summary and description (if necessary) and click Propose File Change.
  4. Click Send pull request on the following page. I'll review the correction as soon as I can!

Thanks in advance!

License and copyright

All posts and images (i.e. all files in the _posts/ and assets/images/ directories) are copyright Alex Lockwood. You may not copy, distribute, or trasmit these files or their contents without explicit permission from the author.

All other files are licensed under the MIT license.


Android Design Patterns




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