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This repository accompanies a blog post I wrote on Android Design Patterns on animated icons.

It contains over 25 AnimatedVectorDrawables that you can refer to free of charge. You know... cool animated icons like these!

Example animated vector drawables

...or these!

Another example animated vector drawable

...or this!

Another example animated vector drawable

...and also this!

Another example animated vector drawable

...and a bunch of others too!

Additional icon implementations are welcome if you've written anything cool that you want to share... submit a pull request! :)

Some notes on backwards compatibility

  1. VectorDrawableCompat and AnimatedVectorDrawableCompat can be used on pre-Lollipop devices. Read Chris Banes' blog post for more information. Note that even if an app uses a minSdkVersion of 21, it is still advantageous to use the VectorDrawableCompat support library implementation (as it backports new features and fixes some framework bugs that existed on API versions 21-23). Also note that you'll need to assign your vector drawables to your ImageViews using app:srcCompat="@drawable/my_vd_or_avd".

  2. Specifying tints, tint modes and/or theme attributes in VectorDrawableCompat XML is supported on all platform versions. Read this blog post for more information.

  3. AnimatedStateListDrawable is supported on pre-Lollipop devices if you use support lib v28 or above. Under-the-hood, an AnimatedStateListDrawableCompat will be inflated instead.


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