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A Cocoa port of MemTester for Android/Windows/Linux/Mac/It-Was-Written-In-Java
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What's MemTester - Mac?

It's a native Cocoa port of a game a friend of mine made a while ago. The game was written in Java and was therefore terrible (jk). MemTester - Mac is just a weekend project really. MemTester's a little memory testing game. It'll present you with a series of letters, numbers or characters depending on the difficulty and you'll have to memorise them and then re-enter them. Simple.

What's completed in MemTester - Mac?

Most of the features of the original Java version are now available in MemTester - Mac. An easy, medium & hard difficulty is available and high score saving has been implemented, complete with a high scores table (of course). The only feature which hasn't been implemented is a cheat mode, simply because I haven't found a nice way to integrate it with the user interface (all the code is there though).

MemTester - Mac has started to differ a bit from the original Java version and there's quite a few things that MemTester - Mac does differently.

Where's The Original Version of MemTester?

My friend has it on a GoogleCode page. There's a desktop version (that needs Java) and an Android version too. There's also source code.

MemTester (Original)


My friend has it under the GNU GPL v3 license. Does that mean I have to?

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