A Mac utility for recording songs in Spotify
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Spotijack is a program for OS X that helps record songs playing in Spotify using Audio Hijack Pro. It uses AppleScript to poll Spotify every 100 ms for track changes and to control Audio Hijack Pro. When the current playing track changes, Spotijack starts a new recording in Audio Hijack Pro and updates as much metadata as it can for the current track.

Originally Spotijack was just a simple AppleScript I wrote one afternoon. Over the years however, I've rewritten Spotijack as a native Cocoa application using the ScriptingBridge framework. I don't use the program any more but it's a fun little side-project to work on.


Obviously this program enables music piracy which I don't like. I have thought about not releasing Spotijack because of this but, to put it bluntly, I wanted to show off what I've made. In addition, I figured pirating music through Spotijack is pretty inefficient so I'm kinda hoping this program won't get used too much.


Spotijack only runs on Mac OS 10.10 or greater. It needs a licensed copy of Audio Hijack Pro (that's version 2, not 3) and any version of Spotify. It probably also needs a premium Spotify account as it makes no attempt to distinguish between adverts and songs.


On first launch, Spotijack will handle creating a recording session in Audio Hijack Pro as well as setting up Audio Hijack Pro and Spotify for scripting. All you really need to do is start playing a song in Spotify and hit the record button.


Spotijack uses CocoaPods to manage dependencies (there's only one). Before opening the Xcode project, be sure to run pod install to get the dependencies.

Spotijack is written in Objective-C. I would really like to rewrite this in Swift but, in 10.10 at least, the ScriptingBridge framework is almost totally incompatible with Swift. You can get it working with Swift using some trickery in the generated scripting headers but it's a horrible mess (I gave up half-way through a Swift rewrite in early 2015). Maybe things will be better with OS 10.11 and/or Swift 2.

Old Versions

I have included the original AppleScript versions in the Legacy directory. There's a changelog available in the changelog.md file. It's pretty sparse since I didn't consider releasing this until recently.


Spotijack is licensed under the MIT license.