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Ignition API Server

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This repository contains the public Ignition API Server codebase.

Using this application, you can host your own ignition client API server or contribute to the project to help improve the online aspect of the ignitionOS and ignition Client.

This is currently a work in progress. Feel free to experiment but there is no stable API version as of yet.



  • IGDB API Key (note: moving to micorservice, so may split from repo)

Installing via Docker

git clone
cd api-server
mv ./v1/config-example.json ./v1/config.json
docker build -t ignition-api-server .
docker run ignition-api-server

Manual Install

git clone
cd api-server/v1
mv config-example.json config.json
npm install
node server


You will need to rename config-example.json in your API version root directory to config.json. See install commands above.

In this file you will need to set up your server settings for RethinkDB as well as a default user for use on the ignition server. This user has no special privledges but is auto-added to all new users friends list as well as the main contact for areas within the connected clients UI.

Your Settings file will look like this:

	"address"  : "localhost",  
	"port"	   : "32770",     
	"secret"   : "secretKey", 
	"username" : "Admin",
	"password" : "password@123",
	"email"    : "",
	"useIGDB"  : true,
	"IGDBUrl"  : "",
	"IGDBKey"  : "d9u12300idk01-2139d-s9"
Option Example Purpose
address localhost RethinkDB server IP
port 32770 RethinkDB Port Number
secret mysecret A string used to compute hash for sessions and JSON web tokens.
username Admin A default admin username account for Ignition Server
password password@123 Set a password for default ignition user account
useIGDB true If true, will be used as the remote games API.
IGDBUrl The URL to the versioning URL of the IGDB REST API
IGDBKey d9u12300idk01-2139d-s9 Your personal API key generated on

After configuration, you will want to initiate the default databases and tables in the next step.

node v1/init/init.js

Copyright © 2015 Alexander Stubbs and All Rights Reserved.

Apache License 2.0 (Apache-2.0)


[ARCHIVED] This repository contains the public Ignition API Server codebase.






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