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Releases: alexkaessner/macOS-UI-Kit

Version 2.2.3

09 Jul 17:46
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  • Added Sketch 89’s new artboard templates
  • Fixed scaling issues for certain menu items (Thanks to @peteschaffner#15)
  • Regrouped the Dock components for easier switch between different sizes

Note: Made with Sketch 89.

Version 2.2.2

11 May 15:02
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  • Improved popover materials, shadows and tails (Thanks to @peteschaffner#14)
  • Updated some color variables & styles (Keyboard Focus Indicator, System Teal)
  • Added new color variables & styles (Selected Control, System Mint, System Cyan, Link)
  • Improved sidebar components (Header Size & Icon Placement)
  • Improved Toolbar title sizes & weights
  • Fixed traffic light placement for Unified Toolbar
  • Improved placement and sizing of Toolbar Title + Navigational Item
  • Added additional symbols for the wallpapers

Made with Sketch 86.

Version 2.2.1

03 Mar 15:30
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  • The dark mode submenu menu item was incorrectly in disabled appearance (Thanks to @peteschaffner#13)

Made with Sketch 84.

Version 2.2 (Monterey)

21 Dec 20:14
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M1 MacBook Pro


  • Updated for macOS Monterey
  • Added Taller Menu Bar Version for M1 MacBook Pros
  • Added Notch & Rounded Display Overlays for new M1 MacBook Pros
  • Added New Dock Versions (Small & Small with 2 Apps open)
  • Added More System & Apple App Icons
  • Added Window Sidebar for Right Side
  • Added Window Version with Sidebar on Right + Sidebar on Both Sides
  • Added Color Well
  • Added Disclosure Button & Disclosure Triangle
  • New Symbols for Different Menu Bar Styles
    • Light Background & Light Text
    • Light Background & Dark Text
    • Dark Background & Light Text
  • New Segmented Toolbar Action Button
  • Updated Toolbar Action Button
  • Tweaked Design of Several Buttons
    • Textured Rounded (+ Pressed State)
    • Round Rect
    • Inline
    • Recessed (+ Hover State)



  • Renamed Sketch File to macOS UI Kit.sketch
  • Changed Naming & Grouping of Several Symbols
  • Fixed Variable Fonts Issue Caused by Sketch
  • Improved Fonts for Menu Bar Items
  • Improved Fonts & Colors for Window Titles
  • Improved Shadow for Window Sidebar
  • Added Correct Dark Window Background Color

Made with Sketch 81. Requires Apple’s SF Pro Font.

Version 2.1

07 Mar 17:20
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  • Customizable Alerts
  • Navigation Buttons for Toolbars (Thanks for the suggestion #11)


  • Fixed the correct expanded toolbar height
  • Fixed window title colors for light mode

Made for Sketch 70. Requires Apple’s SF Pro Font.

Version 2.0 (Big Sur)

14 Jan 10:27
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  • Everything Is New!
  • Updated for Big Sur
  • Reworked from ground up with:
    • Hundreds of Symbols, Layer and Text Styles + Color Variables
    • Light & Dark Mode Symbols
    • The Touch Bar Kit is now included in the main Library
    • System Cursors

Made for Sketch 70. Requires Apple’s SF Pro Font.

Version 1.5

17 Jul 09:46
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  • finally updated from SF UI to the newer SF Pro fonts
  • cleaned up the font and color styles to use them on libraries with Sketch 51

The latest update to the Touch Bar Kit was made with Sketch 51!
If you have troubles on an older Sketch please use an older version.

Version 1.4.1

10 Oct 11:05
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Now updated for the new Sketch 47 synced Libraries.

Version 1.4

26 May 15:07
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The UI Kit is now updated for Sketch 44 with the new auto layout system. Therefore it also requires Sketch 44 or newer.

New objects:

  • the full notification center with app widgets
  • simple window
  • settings window
  • alternate dropdown toolbar button:

Version 1.3.1

13 Jan 19:21
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Updates to Touch Bar Kit:

  • new "Show Text Suggestions" Button:
    show text suggestion button
  • updated Craft Library with new Touch Bar Symbols (from older versions)