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Alexander Käßner edited this page Jul 9, 2022 · 5 revisions

How To Contribute

In order to keep everything in place I have to manually merge contributions into the main file. So please always create a separate Sketch document and describe what you’ve changed or added.

Please follow one of the steps below, to contribute to the kit.

Way A: via Git

  1. Clone this repository to your computer.
  2. Create new elements in a separate Sketch file!
  3. Add a new folder called Contribute in the repository and place the file there.
  4. Create a pull request for this repository.

Note: Please, always create a separate Sketch file if you update or add change elements! It’s impossible to automatically merge two Sketch files, so I have to do it by hand.

Way B: via Discussions

Alternatively, you can also start a new discussion in the Contributions category and attach the files in your post.