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Auth0 Terraform Provider
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Auth0 Terraform Provider

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  • Terraform 0.11.x
  • Go 1.10 (to build the provider plugin)

Building The Provider

Clone repository to: $GOPATH/src/

$ mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/; cd $GOPATH/src/
$ git clone

Enter the provider directory and build the provider

$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ make build

Using the provider

The provider isn't listed in the official Terraform repository, so using terraform init to download the provider won't work. To install the auth0 provider, you can download the binary and place in the directory ~/.terraform.d/plugins (or %APPDATA%/terraform.d/plugins/ if you're on Windows).

To use the provider define the auth0 provider in your *.tf file.

provider "auth0" {
  "domain" = "<domain>"
  "client_id" = "<client-id>"
  "client_secret" = "<client-secret>"

These variables can also be accessed via the AUTH0_DOMAIN, AUTH0_CLIENT_ID and AUTH0_CLIENT_SECRET environment variables respectively.

Examples of resources can be found in the examples directory. The currently supported Auth0 resources are described below.

Developing the Provider

If you wish to work on the provider, you'll first need Go installed on your machine (version 1.10+ is required). You'll also need to correctly setup a GOPATH, as well as adding $GOPATH/bin to your $PATH.

On how to develop custom terraform providers, read the official guide.

To compile the provider, run make build. This will build the provider and install the provider binary in the $GOPATH/bin directory.

$ make build
$ $GOPATH/bin/terraform-provider-auth0

In order to test the provider, you can simply run make test.

$ make test

In order to run the full suite of Acceptance tests, run make testacc.

Note: Acceptance tests create real resources, and often cost money to run.

$ make testacc
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