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####a superlative site for literally everything

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  • "Guisados is the best taco in Los Angeles."
  • "Maru is the best cat on the internet."
  • "Philippe and Jimmy are the best instructors at GA."

Bestest is a simple website where users submit opinions that follow the formula, "_____ is the best _____ in _____". They can then agree or disagree with the opinions of others, allowing only the truly best things in the world to float to the top. The categories are as endless as contributors make them.

Try it out here


  • Users can sign up for password protected accounts
  • Users can submit opinions
  • Users can vote on the opinions of others
  • Users can see how many people agreed with their opinions in the form of arbitrary internet points
  • Guests can see a feed of popular opinions

Dream features

  • Made it in!
    • Searchable opinion database with varying levels of specificity
      • "What is the best samurai movie of the 60's?"
      • "What is the best in Brooklyn?"
  • Not yet!
    • Make opinions taggable.
    • Ability to share opinions on social networks
    • Badges / Achievements
      • Agreeable: 10 people agreed with your opinion
    • Featured opinions and opinion feeds
    • Opinion requests
      • "I'm headed to Montreal, what's the best?"

User Stories:

  1. My name is Weston. I have many opinions and I consider myself an expert on many topics. I use bestest to receive recognition for my excellent taste, and help those around me find the best things in the world.
  2. My name is Lindsay, whenever I arrive in a new place, I like to experience the best things it has to offer, but sometimes I don't know the category, so yelp isn't that helpful. I use bestest to find the best takoyaki in Tokyo even though I have no idea what takoyaki is before I search.
  3. My name is Alex, I just got excited about a new hobby and would like to know more about it. I use bestest to find the best starting points according to those that know the hobby best.
  4. My name is Jesse, I just reached the end of the internet at work and am looking for yet another website to scroll through for interesting information. I did not register an account on bestest, but I enjoy scrolling through the opinions of others.
  5. My name is Rachel, and I am sick to death of Buzzfeed listicles, but still want to know who the 5 cutest cats on instagram are, so I searched for it on greatest.
  6. My name is Joe, and I just ate at an epic restaurant. I want to show them some love, but I don't have time to write a full review. I use bestest to quickly tell the world that they have the best perogies in town, or upvote anyone else who has said the same.


HTML/CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, BCrypt


Alex Karevoll