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Added support for the new DBus library namely dbus-0.10 #8

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The package dbus-core has been deprecated. I have updated the example xmonad.hs to work with dbus-0.10. I am not sure that using package imports is good practice but it is needed if both dbus and dbus-core or the old DBus packages coexists.


No sure if using package imports is good practice, but this is needed in case both dbus and one of dbus-core or DBus packages coexist in one ghc installation.


Thank you for working on this!

Two issues with the patch:

  1. I would rather you drop package imports. DBus name conflict is not a new thing, in addition compiling xmonad fails without passing the -XPackageImports ghc flag.

  2. I'm seeing this error with ghc 7.4.1:

    Couldn't match expected type `D.ObjectPath'
                with actual type `[Char]'
    In the first argument of `D.signal', namely `"/org/xmonad/Log"'
    In the expression:
      (D.signal "/org/xmonad/Log" "org.xmonad.Log" "Update")
    In the expression:
      (D.signal "/org/xmonad/Log" "org.xmonad.Log" "Update")
        {D.signalBody = [D.toVariant
                           ("<b>" ++ (UTF8.decodeString str) ++ "</b>")]}

I have dropped the package imports.

It seems like your xmonad/ghc doesn't understand the LANGUAGE pragma in the header of the file because both compile errors (not compiling without the -XPackageImports flag and the type mismatch between D.ObjectPath and [Char]) are result of not using the Haskell extensions PackageImports and OverloadedStrings respectively.

With ghc 7.4.2 (in my case hiding packages dbus-core and DBus) u-quark@16fc7d2 compiles with no errors.

@alexkay alexkay merged commit f24239e into alexkay:master

I've just tried it on another box and it works there. Merged, thanks again!

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Showing with 8 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +8 −7 xmonad.hs
15 xmonad.hs
@@ -4,7 +4,8 @@ import XMonad
import XMonad.Config.Gnome
import XMonad.Hooks.DynamicLog
-import qualified DBus.Client.Simple as D
+import qualified DBus as D
+import qualified DBus.Client as D
import qualified Codec.Binary.UTF8.String as UTF8
main :: IO ()
@@ -30,15 +31,15 @@ prettyPrinter dbus = defaultPP
getWellKnownName :: D.Client -> IO ()
getWellKnownName dbus = do
D.requestName dbus (D.busName_ "org.xmonad.Log")
- [D.AllowReplacement, D.ReplaceExisting, D.DoNotQueue]
+ [D.nameAllowReplacement, D.nameReplaceExisting, D.nameDoNotQueue]
return ()
dbusOutput :: D.Client -> String -> IO ()
-dbusOutput dbus str = D.emit dbus
- "/org/xmonad/Log"
- "org.xmonad.Log"
- "Update"
- [D.toVariant ("<b>" ++ (UTF8.decodeString str) ++ "</b>")]
+dbusOutput dbus str = do
+ let signal = (D.signal "/org/xmonad/Log" "org.xmonad.Log" "Update") {
+ D.signalBody = [D.toVariant ("<b>" ++ (UTF8.decodeString str) ++ "</b>")]
+ }
+ D.emit dbus signal
pangoColor :: String -> String -> String
pangoColor fg = wrap left right
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