getopts - a replacement for php's getopt
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The goal of this project is to build an alternative to php's getopt, which ich really crippled.

All you need


script "test.php"

        list($errors, $params, $args) = (new GetOpts([
          'a' => [GetOpts::TOGGLE, 'a'],
          'b' => [GetOpts::VALUE, 'b', 'long'],
        if ($errors) {
        echo 'a = '.var_export($params['a'], true).', ';
        echo 'b = '.var_export($params['b'], true).', ';
        echo 'args = '.var_export($args, true).PHP_EOL;

sample input 1:

    php test.php -a file

output 1:

    a = true, b = false, args = array('file')

-a is given, therefore true. -b is not given. 'file' is not attached to an option and returned as args.

sample input 2:

    php test.php -a --long file -a

output 2:

    a = false, b = 'file', args = array()

-a is given twice, and since a is defined as toggle it's off (false). -b is given (as the long version --long). No other arguments.


Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License