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Multi Cartridge for Vectrex



  • Has 1 MiB of flash memory
  • Has 32 KiB of RAM
  • Can emulate the following modules
    • Regular modules with up to 32 KiB ROM
    • 64 KiB modules with bank switching (using PB6)
    • "SRAM" modules, where the contents of the ROM is loaded into the RAM and then used instead of the ROM
    • "PAGE" modules with up to 31 pages of 32 KiB each (up to 992 KiB) and 16 KiB RAM (see Docs/Developer/
  • The flash can be programmed from the Vectrex, e.g. for storing high score
  • Changing the registers of the MuCaREX and programming the flash can only be done while in master mode. The slave mode is activated when starting a module and deactivated on reset.

In the directory Docs/User are the manuals to use the MuCaREX.

In the directory Docs/Developer are the manuals on how to compile your own firmware (CPLD), Launcher (Vectrex menu) and how to use the functions of the MuCaREX.

Basic Usage

  1. Assemble the PCB (if necessary)
  2. Program the CPLD (see Docs/Developer/, if necessary)
  3. Grab a game collection (see Releases) or create a new one
  4. Optional: Modify the collection, see Docs/User/
  5. Optional: Initialize the high score/data saver, see Docs/User/
  6. Program the collection on to the flash chips
  7. Place the Flashs in the appropriate sockets
  8. Plug the MuCaREX in your Vectrex and have fun