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Python for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

by Alex Kenan

What is this this?

This is the GitHub repository for the book Python for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering by Alex Kenan. This repository contains completed programs for the nine chapters as well as the entire 595 page syllabus and course materials for an internal NSA "Introduction to Python" class that was made available by a Freedom of Information Act request.

chapter 1.5: FizzBuzz with Python to demonstrate a basic Python program
chapter 2: Graphing thrust required and thrust available for an Airbus A321 at three different altitudes with Matplotlib
chapter 3: Graphing dynamic pressure as a function of time for a rocket launch with Matplotlib
chapter 4: Getting and plotting airfoil coordinates with Requests and Matplotlib
chapter 5: Modeling a satellite’s orbit around Earth with PyAstronomy and Matplotlib
chapter 6: Creating a GUI to convert units with Tkinter and Pint
chapter 7: Introduction to web scraping (Requests and BeautifulSoup4) and exporting data to Excel (Openpyxl)
chapter 8: Modeling camera shutter effect on an aircraft’s propeller with Tkinter and Numpy
chapter 9: Making pdf reports of Python code with Pweave

Learn more about the Python for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering book here. This GitHub repository has also been converted into an interactive course; learn more about that here.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.