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A little QT app to test Openslide library (see
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A little QT app to test Openslide library (see

License: GPL

This application depends heavily on Openslide, which has to be installed first. openslide.h and openslide-features.h need to be in your include path for compiling (or just copy them into the same folder where is). libopenslide-0.dll for Windows or for Linux must be in lib path for linking.

In Windows, after build, these .dll files will need to be put in the same dir as the slidewalk.exe before running it:

QtCore4.dll QtGui4.dll freetype6.dll intl.dll libcairo-2.dll libexpat-1.dll libfontconfig-1.dll libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll libglib-2.0-0.dll libgthread-2.0-0.dll libjpeg-8.dll libopenjpeg-1.dll libopenslide-0.dll libpng14-14.dll libtiff-3.dll libxml2-2.dll mingwm10.dll msvcr80.dll zlib.dll

To build in Linux: qmake make

To build in Windows (using QtCreator):

  • launch the QtCreator by double-clicking the
  • build the project
  • move all necessary dll's to where slidewalk.exe is

In this first release this app does not do much: it lets you choose the file, opens it, and displays top level image cropped to 3000x3000 pixels if needed.

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