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Note: I'm not actively working on this project as I don't use SmartThings much anymore. I'd encourage people who are interested to fork the project - I'd be happy to link your more maintained version from here!



You can download the app here (tested on OSX 10.9 only). It's just version 0.1, so please post any issues you encounter!

Installation Instructions

Currently there is no way to publish a SmartApp for everyone to use, so you have to create an app with the code yourself before using the mac app. The code for the SmartApp is located at app.groovy.

  1. Login to the SmartThings Developer IDE
  2. Create a new SmartApp – fill in the required fields, and then click Enable OAuth in Smart App - this will provide you with a pair of OAuth Client keys. Start up the StatusThing app and copy these keys into the preferences section.
  3. Click the Create button in the SmartThings IDE, which will bring up code. Copy the contents of app.groovy and paste it into the IDE, then click Save, and PublishFor Me (important step).
  4. Go back to preferences and click the Authorize button under accounts. You'll be redirected to a page where you can set which devices the app can access.
  5. Enjoy!

Build Instructions

If you're building the app from source, be sure to install CocoaPods and run pod in the root directory to include all dependencies.


The app uses the AKSmartThings library, which you can get here to use in your own projects.


MIT License