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Gather readings from your Awair air quality sensors and ingest them into InfluxDB
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Awair Sensors to InfluxDB

Simple CLI program that uses the Awair API to gather readings from your air quality sensors and ingest them into InfluxDB. This allows you to visualize air quality trends over time in a tool like Chronograf.

Example of data in Chronograf


Just clone the repository, copy config.example.yaml to config.yaml and fill in the configuration options. You'll need to signup for the Awair developer program in order to get an API key. You'll want to create a new InfluxDB database and add that to the configuration file as well.

You can then install dependencies and run the script -

pip3 install -r requirements.txt 

While running it will import samples from all sensors every 15 minutes (using the Awair hobbyist plan this is currently the smallest granularity available).

If you need help getting InfluxDB setup, I'd recommend using this TICK stack sandbox.

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