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version 0.0.5

Converting CLI from commander to optimist, adding support for burr syntax as an alias of -f.

version 0.0.4

Converting to Burr, now located in /src/burr/, exports into /src/js/, run js/grind.js -w burr -d js for development.

Fixing a bunch of bugs, examples in test/

Adding Sublime Text 3 syntax and build files (/syntax/).

Adding -d option to export to directory, allowing directory or file with -w.

version 0.0.3

Fixing a bug where annonymous functions would screw things up.

version 0.0.2

Adding constructor support, use a function with the same name as the collection.

collection Funky {
	function Funky() {
		// Construct!

version 0.0.1

Initial version