jQuery plugin for triggering a catchable "change" event after edits have stabilized.
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jQuery plugin for triggering a catchable "change" event after edits have stabilized.

License: Apache 2.0

Copyright 2013 Alex King (http://alexking.org)


You may want to take an action when someone makes a change to a field - for example when they are typing into a textarea. However, you don't want to take that action on every keystroke. You want to take that action when the content has stopped changing for a few moments.

This jQuery plugin endeavors to provide that functionality.

When the value of a field remains the same for the specified number of milliseconts (default 2000), a delayedchange event is triggered on that element. Bind to this event to run your code.


If you wanted to enable the delayedchange event for all textareas on the page, you could use this.


If you wanted to attach to only a specific input field and set the delay to 5 seconds instead of the default 2 seconds, you'd do so like this:

	delay: 5000

If you wanted to also run some code when the event fired, you could do so like so (running on the triggered event):

$('textarea').delayedChange().on('delayedchange', function () {
	// your code here
	console.log("I'm attached to the 'delayedchange' event for this element.");

You can also specify a namespace for the event:

	eventNamespace: "exciting"
}).on('delayedchange.exciting', function() {
	// your code here
	console.log("I'm attached to the 'delayedchange' event in the 'exciting' namespace.");

The delayedchange event passes an extra argument to handlers - an object containing the delay, eventNamespace, and extra attributes set when the plugin was invoked.

	delay: 1000,	
	eventNamespace: "presence",
	extra: "kilroy was here"
}).on('delayedchange', function(event, data) {
	// your code here
	console.log("got extra data", data.extra); // "kilroy was here"


Pull requests for enhancements, improvements, etc. are very welcome.

Version History


Merge pull request from Justin de Vesine

  • Remove the previous timeout when no longer useful
  • Allow more than one delayedChange to be usefully registered against a given element by switching to a closure var rather than .data
  • Allow passing a namespace via the settings object
  • Allow passing extra data (which is then passed on through the triggered event) via the settings object


  • First public release