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package.json Update Apr 20, 2016

Meetup Viz

What is it?

Real-time visualization of streaming data from the open events RSVP API.

Visualize events as a map with markers and a bar chart showing the most frequent countries, states (USA), and names.

Built with:

  • React
  • Alt.js
  • Leaflet
  • D3.js
  • Webpack

The Talk

Running the project

First, make sure you have node (version 4 or above) and npm installed. NVM is a good tool for setting your node version easily:

To run the development environment:

  1. Clone the repo: $ git clone
  2. Go into the folder: $ cd meetup-viz
  3. Install packages: $ npm install
  4. Run the dev environment: $ npm run dev

If you want to make the production build, run $ npm run build, and it will put the bundled assets in the dist directory.