Polymorphic values in Scala
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Un-boxed existential and universal quantifiers.

  • Exists[F[_]] witnesses that there exists some type A and a value of type F[A]. For instance, if you want to witness that a some type T has an instance of Show[T], you can provide Exists[λ[α => (α, Show[α])]].
  • Forall[F[_]] is a universal quantification encoded as a type in Scala. If you want to witness that some type F[_] has a monoid instance regardless of the type argument, you can provide Forall[λ[α => Monoid[F[α]]]].
  • Instance[F[_]] is a more convenient version of Exists[λ[α => (α, F[α])]] that can be resolved implicitly (see example below).
  • Sigma[A, F[_]] is a dependent pair of a: A and F[a.type]. You can use Sigma.summon to implicitly summon a proof for a given value: summon[λ[x => x <:< List[Int]]](Nil) - is Nil together with a proof that it is a subtype of List[Int].
  • Pi[A, F[_]] is a dependent function from a: A to F[a.type].

Quick Start

resolvers += Resolver.bintrayRepo("alexknvl", "maven")
libraryDependencies += "com.alexknvl"  %%  "polymorphic" % "0.3.0"
import polymorphic._
import polymorphic.syntax.all._

def bar(a: Instance[Show]*): String =
    a.map(x => x.second.show(x.first)).mkString(", ")
bar(1, 2, 3) // "1, 2, 3"

class Foo[A]
val foo: ∀[Foo] = ∀(new Foo)
foo[Int] // : Foo[Int]

class Baz[A](val x: A) {
    def show(a: A): String = a.toString
val baz: ∃[Baz] = ∃(new Baz(1))
baz.value.show(baz.value.x) // "1"
baz match { case Exists(f) => f.show(f.x) } // "1"

val optToList: Option ~> List = FunctionK(_.toList)
val listToOpt = FunctionK[List, Option](_.headOption)

Implementation notes

Neither Exists nor Forall box their contents. Both are essentially opaque newtypes over F[X]:

type Exists[F[_]] <: Any { type T = A }
type Forall[F[_]] <: Any

Note that Forall[F] is evaluated eagerly and only once. If you need a lazy version of Forall you might want to consider wrapping F into cats.Eval or similar.


Code is provided under the MIT license available at https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT, as well as in the LICENSE file.