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unimport is a Go static analysis tool to find unnecessary import aliases.
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unimport is a Go static analysis tool to find unnecessary import aliases.


go get -u


Similar to other Go static anaylsis tools (such as golint, go vet) , unimport can be invoked with one or more filenames, directories, or packages named by its import path. Unimport also supports the ... wildcard.

unimport files/directories/packages

Currently, no flag are supported. A -w flag may be added in the future to automatically remove aliases where possible (Similar to gofmt's -w flag).


As noted in Go's Code Review comments:

Avoid renaming imports except to avoid a name collision; good package names should not require renaming. In the event of collision, prefer to rename the most local or project-specific import.

This tool will check if any import aliases are truly needed (by ensuring there is a name collision that would exist without the import alias). This tool will ignore import paths containing dashes and dots, as these are generally useful aliases while importing a specific revision. For example, in gometalinter, there are some imports like kingpin "". This is a reasonable import alias and will not be flagged.


Running unimports on the Go source:

$ unimport $GOROOT/src/...
cmd/go/pkg.go:18 unnecessary import alias pathpkg
go/build/build.go:19 unnecessary import alias pathpkg
go/internal/gcimporter/gcimporter.go:23 unnecessary import alias exact
os/pipe_test.go:14 unnecessary import alias osexec
os/os_windows_test.go:10 unnecessary import alias osexec

Below are some of the arguably unneeded import aliases it found:

// go/internal/gcimporter/gcimporter.go
import (                                                                                       
    exact "go/constant"                                                                        

// os/pipe_test.go.go
import (                                                                                       
    osexec "os/exec"                                                                           


  • Unit tests
  • Flagging of packages that contain an uppercase letter or underscore
  • -w flag to write changes to file where/if possible
  • Globbing support (e.g. unimport *.go)


Pull requests welcome!

  • nakedret - Finds naked returns.
  • prealloc - Finds slice declarations that could potentially be preallocated.
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