Basic bin packer to help me pack files to DVDs with minimum waste.
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Periodically I need to back up the files on my drive to DVD. This is just a simple Bin Packing algorithm implementation to help me figure out which files to assign to each disc and minimize the number of wasted space on each disk.


BinPacker.exe "path\to\file\" #ofBins #ofBytesPerBin

Example for dual-layer DVD:

BinPacker.exe "c:\listing.txt" 5 8547991552

The output will be either a listing of Bins (representing disks) and which file goes into each, or error informing you that your files can't be packed into the number of bins provided

Input format

The CSV file contains a list of item size and name, e.g.:

897345, Item Name #1  
985670, Item Name #2