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Cloud Mining automatically builds exploratory faceted search systems.
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Building the DBLP instance

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Cloud Mining automatically builds exploratory faceted search systems. It leverages Sphinx as a full text retrieval engine and fSphinx for faceted search. SimSearch is used for item based search. The aim is to provide an interface which will encourage nonlinear search and data exploration. The facets support different visualizations such as tag clouds, histogram counts or a rose diagram and can be extended with pluggins.

Create a file called with the following lines:

from cloudmining import CloudMiningApp

# create a new CloudMining web application
app = CloudMiningApp()

# create a FSphinxClient from a configuration file
cl = FSphinxClient.FromConfig('/path/to/config/')

# set the fsphinx client of the app

Execute and aim your browser at http://localhost:8080:


On data from IMDb, you obtain the following interface:

Cloud Mining Generic Interface

And after customization, you get:

Cloud Mining Customized Interface

Check out some instances, here and there. Have a look at the api for customization and look into some of the example instances provided.

Thank you to Andy Gott for the logo design, FAMFAMFAM and Fugue for the icons. Rose diagram thanks to RGraph.

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