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- bug when no data in applicant table (add an applicant go to /submit_application).
- paging by single result does not behave as exptected when adding a comment or a rating.
- dummy data useful for a demo.
- update the source code link.
- put explanation on resume.
- test on IE (fix bug with form input rendering)
- need privacy terms
- ratings could also be removed by the user if he wants to.
- fix bug no data is in the applicants table.
- trim out white spaces in references etc...
- have flag country for affiliation and nationality (flag for affiliation could be next university field).
>> use and for icons //
- integration with Google Checkout
>> need SSL certificates, look into gchecky:
- use Google Chart APIS ( for rough statistics of applicants (countries of admitted applicants, background ...)
- automate emails sent to accepted / rejected / waiting list applicants.
- lightbox (modal box) for signups.
- grab applicant's photo id by crawling his website. Either using google api with face on or do simple heiristic of grabing first picture of certain dimension. Mouse over an applicant's name would then show his picture.