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# database parameters
db_params = dict(user='user', passwd='password', db='dbname')
# list of SQL queries to fetch the features from
sql_features = [
'select id as item_id, word as feature from table',
'select id as item_id, word as feature from table2',
# path to read or save the index
index_path = './index.dat'
# maximum number of items to match
max_items = 10000
# this is only used for sim_sphinx (see doc)
def sphinx_setup(cl):
# import sphinxapi
# custom sorting function for the search
# cl.SetSortMode(sphinxapi.SPH_SORT_EXPR, 'log_score_attr')
# custom grouping function for the facets
group_func = 'sum(log_score_attr)'
# setup sorting and ordering of each facet
for f in cl.facets:
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