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import numpy as np
import sys
import time
from simsearch import utils
def show_time_taken(func):
def new(*args, **kw):
start = time.time()
res = func(*args, **kw)
timed = time.time() - start'%.2f sec.', timed)
setattr(new, 'time_taken', timed)
return res
return new
def argsort(arr):
def argsort_best(arr, best_k, reverse=False):
return utils.argsort_best(arr, best_k, reverse)
def test(arr, k):
best_indexes = argsort_best(arr, k, reverse=True)
print 'Array = %s' % arr
print 'Best indexes = %s' % best_indexes
print 'Best elements = %s' % arr[best_indexes]
print 'Number of indexes = %s' % len(best_indexes)
print 'Best element = %s' % np.max(arr)
print 'Took %.2f sec.' % argsort_best.time_taken
print 'To be compared with full sorting takes %.2f sec.' % argsort.time_taken
def main(arr_size, k):
arr = np.array(xrange(arr_size))
test(arr, k)
arr = np.random.sample(arr_size)
test(arr, k)
arr = np.ones(arr_size)
test(arr, k)
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv) != 3:
print 'Usage: python %s size_array number_of_k_elements' % sys.argv[0]
main(*map(int, sys.argv[1:]))