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import web
import config
from app.models import places
from app.helpers import paging
from config import view
import sgeo
class index:
def GET(self):
location = web.ctx.get('ip')
if not sgeo.get_coords_from_ip(location):
location = 'Palo Alto, CA'
raise web.seeother('/search?q=%s' % location)
class search:
def GET(self):
i = web.input(q='', s=0, usa=False)
if not i.q:
raise web.seeother('/')
place_query, center_hits, nearby_hits = places.get_nearby(i.q, usa_only=i.usa,
offset=int(i.s), limit=MAX_NEARBY_RESULTS)
pager = paging.get_paging(int(i.s), nearby_hits['total'],
results_per_page=MAX_NEARBY_RESULTS, window_size=WINDOW_SIZE)
recent_queries = places.get_recent_queries()
return view.layout(, center_hits, nearby_hits, pager, recent_queries))
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