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A JavaScript/Node based CMS, built around structured data. (e.g. RDF)

  • A main goal is to design a content management system, thats it, the system should not care how the content is consumed.
  • The content should be exposed through web services, and can be consumed by javascript, ios, etc
  • The backend must be flexible, we need to be able to swap out data storage modules
  • there should be an optional data caching module. again, it should be able to be swapped out.
  • The UI should be based on bootstrap, or something similar, we can also use ASP.NET MVC for the quick Admin UI


  • Most Content Management systems out there provide some crazy way to get the content from the system, to the site, this is a waste when you want full control over how content is rendered, so why not just have an admin export the content as web services?