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Ubuntu PPA not anymore maintained.

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The default master branch has the latest stable code base. There are experimental branches that various developers are working on. For example, there is an active development branch, opengl-qt5, that implements codes that make use of the GPU for OpenGL graphical display.
-Ubuntu Linux Users
-There is a ppa for the binaries produced from the master branch, maintained by Andrea.
-Now the code base is taken from the master branch and in the "about"
-panel there is some additional information in order to show where the
-source is coming from.
-In order to add this repository to your apt system (U11.10, U11.04, U10.04)
-please submit the following commands:
-sudo add-apt-repository ppa:andrew-montefusco/ghpsdr3
-sudo apt-get update
-sudo apt-get install ghpsdr3
-You will then find the QtRadio app in the Applications > Internet menu
-Subsequently you can use the Ubuntu software update process to update to the latest ppa version.
Windows Users

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