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Python GUI for the OpenPTV library liboptv

Python package DOI

PyPTV or otherwise called OpenPTV-Python is the Python GUI for OpenPTV. It is based on traits, traitsui, chaco, enable and pyface from Enthought Inc. and provides an UI interface the OpenPTV library that includes all the core algorithms (correspondence, tracking, calibration, etc.) written in ANSI C and has Python bindings using Cython.

Both PyPTV and the OpenPTV library are in the development phase and continuously refactored. Please follow the development on the community mailing list:


Installation instructions

Short version:

pip install numpy
python -m pip install pyptv --index-url --extra-index-url

Detailed instructions for various platforms are in our documentation:

Follow the instructions in our screencasts and tutorials:

Ask for help on our mailing list: