Frontend portion—namely, Jekyll site and JSON datasets—of project collecting tweets of Congress.
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Tweets of Congress

Tweets of Congress is the front-end portion of a project collecting the daily tweets of both houses of Congress, encompassing 1,000+ campaign, office, committee and party accounts. It's designed to be used in concert with the Congressional Tweet Automator, which creates the content in this repo (among other things). For more information on the process of how everything is compiled, visit the aforementioned repo for the Automator.

The collected tweets are available as JSON datasets, which are generated around midnight EST. You can find them in this repository inside the data folder, and they are also linked at the site. To do a little more with the datasets, you may want to check out the users-filtered.json dataset -- which contains metadata for all the accounts the project follows for tweet collection -- in the automation repo.

Due to size constraints, archives will cut off at some point, and because the automation portion interfaces with low-level Github and Git features, the commit history may be volatile and subject to change. Also, most commits in this repo will come from an account that is completely automated. This site is open-source, so feel free to fork or whatever to your heart's content. For any issues or other feedback, file an issue, make a pull request, or send me an email.