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DDD (DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper) is a non profit community event run by developers for developers. Anyone can submit a session to the event and delegates then vote on the sessions they want to see.

Currently only collaborators may edit this wiki whilst we sketch out the basics although we will be opening this up to everyone shortly.

DDD was originally created in the UK but events now exist in the UK, Scotland, Ireland and Australia.

This wiki is based on the experiences of the DDD Melbourne team who have been running DDD events the last 6 years with around 300 delegates in 2014.


Refer to our Values


This Wiki represents our experiences but none of us are accountants or lawyers or qualified to offer business advice so please seek appropriate advice as necessary!

##Wiki Aims This wiki has 2 main purposes:

  • Document how to run an event for current & future organizers
  • Record what works when running an event & what is to be avoided

We use the values as guiding principles for running DDD Melbourne:

  • Keep the event low cost and run at the weekend so people can attend
  • Encourage new speakers whilst also balancing the agenda with known good speakers/interesting topics
  • Encourage sponsorship which enables us to keep the event low cost and provides benefits to attendees

DDD events run through a number of stages each documented below:

##Misc Important topics that don't fit anywhere else

As part of running a conference event/organisation there are some government mandated tasks that are necessary to carry out:

Potential Gotchas

  • [Photo and Filming Permission](Photo and Filming Permission)
  • [Code of Conduct](Code of Conduct)
  • [Working with volunteers](Working with volunteers)

Example documents

  • [Invoice Template](Invoice Template)
  • [Speaker Acceptance Email](Speaker Acceptance Email)
  • [Speaker Rejection Email](Speaker Rejection Email)
  • [Pre-event Speaker Email](Pre-event Speaker Email)
  • [Potential Sponsor Email](Potential Sponsor Email)