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Unix Networking and Automatic Distributed Redundancy Backup/Restore
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Title: Flownet: Automated Networked Unix Backup and Restore Author: Alex Marcus Date: Fall 2009 Class: Connecticut College Computer Science 495 Email:

Requirements: > Unix-based system with a standard Bash shell installed (/bin/bash) > Sudo/root access on system

Installation: > Extract Flownet.tar.gz to any directory (tar -xvzf Flownet.tar.gz) > Run (./, follow instructions > Once Flownet has been installed and configured using, restart system to start Flownet > That's it! You can use from any directory at any time to modify Flownet, add new servers, check the log, etc.

Usage: > By default Flownet is set to do nothing. If the configuration file remains unchanged, nothing will happen. > Once Flownet has been properly configured, it will begin connecting to any server listed using the "add" tool and performing the action set in the remote flownet.conf. > Flownet will also have remote installations connecting to it to perform actions based on the set ACTION variable (set with "edit" tool): > ACTION=backup > Flownet will be automatically backed up by remote installations of Flownet which have permission to do so. > See "edit" tool for more info. > Servers can be added via the "add" tool. > ACTION=restore > Flownet will be automatically restored by remote installations of Flownet which have permissions to do so. > See "edit" tool for more info. > NOTE: Before backup/restore can take place, the backup and restore directories must be set with the "edit" tool!

Note: This is the Alpha version of Flownet! Be warned!

Please email me with any questions/comments.

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