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Important Note:

Native client patches provided in this GitHub repo work ONLY with the add-ons listed in https://mybrowseraddon.com/ website. If you are directed to this repo from any other sources (website, add-on, plug-in, app, etc.) please proceed with caution when using those products, as, they will NOT work with patches provided in this repo.

Currently, ONLY the following open-in products work with the native client patches in this repo:

PDF Tools: http://mybrowseraddon.com/pdf-tools.html
Media Tools: http://mybrowseraddon.com/media-tools.html
Open in IE™: http://mybrowseraddon.com/open-in-ie.html
Open in VLC™: http://mybrowseraddon.com/open-in-vlc.html
Open in PDF Viewer: http://mybrowseraddon.com/open-in-pdf.html
Open in Chrome™: http://mybrowseraddon.com/open-in-chrome.html
Open with Internet Download Manager: http://mybrowseraddon.com/open-with-idm.html
Multi-threaded Download Manager: http://mybrowseraddon.com/multithreaded-download-manager.html

Native-Client patch for Window, Linux and Mac

How to work with native-client:

Native client patch is used for connecting your browser (Firefox, Chrome and Opera) with native applications on your machine (Windows, Linux and Mac). If you have an add-on in your browser that needs to communicate with an external application on your computer, this native client patch can be used to easily make this connection.

In order to install "native-client" on your system please follow the below steps.

  1. Download and extract the related ZIP file to your machine. If you have windows OS, please download "win.zip", for Mac OS, use "mac.zip" and for Linux please use "linux.zip".
  2. Open the downloaded folder and then click on "install.bat". You can open "install.bat" with any text editor to see the inside in case you are interested.
  3. Wait for the screen to display the successful message.
  4. Now the add-on in your browser is fully connected to native applications (i.e. a media player) on your machine.

In order to uninstall "native-client" from your system, please follow the below steps.

  1. Open the downloaded folder and then click on "uninstall.bat".
  2. Wait for the script to display the successful message.