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eMapped is a web application that helps people to manage their photos easily. It gives them information on how they felt on the day and helps them know where they took that photo. It also gives relevant hashtags for the objects found in the picture - this is really useful for tagging photos for instagram or other platforms. The website also has a world map view where you can see all of your pictures scattered all over the map. The profile page helps you to know how many photos you have, to know where is the most visited country of yours and other information.

Tasks for HackKU Hackathon

  • Finish upload photos form
  • Finish implementing Vision API
    • Get info for each photo and store it into the DB
    • Display pictures in Grid view
    • Display picture location from database below thumbnail
    • Display more info while clicking on each picture (pop-up)
    • Finish styling pop-up for picture (it's color should be the dominant color from the pic)
  • Display pictures based on location in Map view (Maps API)
  • Finish profile page
    • Upload profile picture
    • Edit profile description
    • Display profile information from database (most viewed places, number of photos, overall mood, domminant tags etc.)
  • Add error notifications
  • Fix session variabile
  • Create About page (information about the developers, technologies used, links, etc.)
  • Host the web app on GCP (AppEngine)
  • Register a .tech domain
  • Maybe implement Google Ads and Analytics
  • Insert annimations
  • Fix responsiveness
  • Write a Github documentation(setup environment, contributors, PR template, maybe CI)


Project for Hackabull hackathon






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