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Emoji to AHK

This is an Autohotkey script to automatically replace your emoji from their shortnames. Like in Slack but anywhere on your windows machine.

You type :smiley: anywhere and it gets replaced by 😃 without you noticing !

The full list of supported emoji can be found here :

Note: All emoji with underscores like :raised_hands: are also available with spaces as :raised hands: for easier typing.


The emoji .ahk script as well as an .exe version can be found in the releases section.

👷 Build

The python tool creates a Autohotkey script with a hotstring for every emoji with a short name.

🗜 Installing

All the requirements for this tool are detailed in requirements.txt so go ahead and run

pip install -r requirements.txt

🔧 Customising

If you edit the list in the format 'old_name':'new_name' you can add any number of custom short name aliases to your generated script. Feel free to submit a PR if you want to share your custom aliases.

🏃 Running

Run :


You can add --underscore-only to skip generation of :raised hands: expansion (space instead of underscore). Without this flag, both with and without will be generated.

Your generated file should be emoji.ahk 🎉

Please mind that to work properly, this file needs to be encoded in UTF-8 with BOM because of an Autohotkey limitation, it is initially generated that way but make sure you preserve the encoding when editing the file manually or you will get weird characters instead of emoji.

Thanks to iamcal for the complete emoji data.