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import requests
from pyquery import PyQuery as PQ
# Insert the URL you want to scrape here
url = ""
# Initialize the PyQuery object
r = requests.get(url)
raw_html = r.text
pq = PQ(raw_html)
# Select just the set of elements that you want to extract
# Use CSS selectors!
ul = pq("ul")[1]
elements = PQ(ul).children()
# Once you have the elements identfied, extract the text
texts = []
for el in elements:
# extract text
text = PQ(el).text()
# Append to "texts" list
# Split the text into year, first name, and last name
data = []
for text in texts:
# Split text into a tuple of the 3 data points
split_vars = text.split()
year = int(split_vars[0][:4])
name = " ".join(split_vars[1:])
tup = (year, name)
# Append the tuple to the "data" list