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R. Alexander Miłowski's Journal

This repository contains the source to my web journal. All the content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Enjoy!

Source Format

The content for my blog is written in a YAML+Markdown based format (see yablog). Maybe you think I'm a bit loony but it works for me quite well.

gh-pages (Github Pages)

I use the gh-pages branch to publish to Github Pages. Then I can use the public facing website (i.e., to pull the post-processed content for various purposes. Typically, I pull that content (live or cached) into another system to produce my website's blog.

Post Processing

The process is rather straight forward assuming you've setup a gh-pages branch and followed Github's instructions to setup the Github Pages hosting.

If you are curious, the process to publish is as follows:

  1. Pull both branches:

    git clone
    mkdir gh-pages
    cd gh-pages
    git clone
    git checkout gh-pages
    cd ..
  2. Process the source content (there are many variations to this):

    python -m yablog -w -e -o gh-pages/milowski-journal milowski-journal/entries --html

    In the above, we are producing the HTML output in gh-pages/milowski-journal from the source content in milowski-journal/entries. The -w option controls the URI of the resulting resource (e.g., the blog entry URL on my website) and the -e option controls the resource location to retrieve the resource content (e.g., the HTML content on GitHub Pages).

    This command also copies all artifacts (e.g., images) to the gh-pages target so your artifacts for the article are also hosted on gh-pages.

  3. Commit and push the changes to the gh-pages branch:

    cd gh-pages/milowski-journal
    git add -A
    git commit -m "new entry - yay"
    git push

Everything is then live shortly there after.


The source to my journal.







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