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Build Status Supports Python versions 2.7 and 3.5+

birdseye is a Python debugger which records the values of expressions in a function call and lets you easily view them after the function exits. For example:

Hovering over expressions

You can use birdseye no matter how you run or edit your code. Just pip install birdseye, add the @eye decorator as seen above, run your function however you like, and view the results in your browser. It's also integrated with some common tools for a smoother experience.

You can try it out instantly on futurecoder: enter your code in the editor on the left and click the birdseye button to run. No imports or decorators required.

Feature Highlights

Rather than stepping through lines, move back and forth through loop iterations and see how the values of selected expressions change:

Stepping through loop iterations

See which expressions raise exceptions, even if they’re suppressed:

Exception highlighting

Expand concrete data structures and objects to see their contents. Lengths and depths are limited to avoid an overload of data.

Exploring data structures and objects

Calls are organised into functions (which are organised into files) and ordered by time, letting you see what happens at a glance:

List of function calls

Read more documentation here