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Monitoring & Controlling (M&C) - Redmine Plugin

M&C is a Redmine Plugin used as a chart tool to monitoring issues' project

Website - Portuguese only


Master Version (0.1.2) (Redmine 1.4.x or 2.0.x)

Release notes

  • Included progress bar on top right

  • Refactoring menu structure

  • Scrollbar on Time Management charts

Task Management

  • Pie and Bar Chart of issues by category;

  • Pie Chart of issues by statuses;

  • Pie Chart of manageable and unmanagleabe issues;

  • Chart with overdue tasks by project.

Time Management

  • Line chart with estimated hours and spent hours till due date of tasks.

  • Column chart with ammount of estimated and spent hours on project.

Human Resource Management

  • Column Bar charts issues by Assignee

  • Column Bar chart with issues by Status of each Assignee

How to install


  • Redmine trunk version;


  • Copy or clone the app on Redmine plugin folder with the same name like: /vendor/plugins/redmine_monitoring_controlling

    cd /{redmineInstalationDir}/vendor/plugins
    git clone redmine_monitoring_controlling
  • Run

rake db:migrate_plugins to copy the assets.

  • Restart your redmine application.

  • Activate your M&C on projects modulues.


Redmine Monitoring & Controlling Plugin is open source and released under the terms of the GNU General Public License - GPL - v3. Check GNU GPL v3 quick guide for more information.


  • Highcharts: interactive javascript charts for your web projects;

  • Railscasts: learn how to use highcharts on your rails app in #223 episode.