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Take version date as due date #16

gamafranco opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Hi Alex,

First of all, congratulations for the plugin. Readmine is a great tool, but as a strong gap in project M&C. Well done.

Sometimes issues don't have due dates, but the versions to where they are assigned have. Is it possible to take the version date into account where the issue has no due date?

This is particularly interesting, because this way the user will not be tempted to be constantly change the due date of each issue during re-planing sessions.

@alexmonteiro alexmonteiro was assigned

Hi @gamafranco, on last commit(1a8ab0d) was implement another chart with the estimated hours and spent hours of issues with versions tagged. Pls, check it gitting pull the project.


Hey, thanks.

My issues don't have due date, because I expect the due date to be similar to the version's milestone date.

The time management view is empty and the graphic is not shown. I suspect it is because of the due dates.


I think also that using date of version when due date is not filled will be a very good improvement


@gamafranco and @MottetRDSF, on Time Mgtm by Version the chart doesn't take the due date but version delivery date, and it necessary uses estimated hours and spent hours on tasks to control this task by time perspective.
However, I thinking to create an version chart by tasks perspective, and show the amount of tasks done and to be done till the version delivery date. What you think? It ill be useful?


Thanks! I'll try this one out. Regarding the second chart, I don't know. I need to take a deeper thinking. Thanks!

My main problem is to find the CPI and SPI of the project/version - i.e. are we spending more or less than planned? And are we going faster or slower?

After that, the ideal would be to find the tasks that are really out of hands (with the same indicators). The problem is that Redmine doesn't make it easy to plan and replan (i.e. changing a set of tasks is a PITA).

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