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A proposal to emulate, and build upon, the work done by*, in order to inspire recognition and funding for the open source projects that a lot of scientists rely on.

The core goal is to encourage funders to accept (and grantee's to apply for) donations to open source projects as part of their grant.

In order to do so we would like to:

  • Build a calculator to estimate how much money labs are effectively saving by using free software or open hardware tools over their propriatory equivelants. (Demo Below)
  • Provide resources and information for small projects looking to be able to receive donations (i.e. how they can get fiscal sponsorship).
  • Work directly with funding agencies in the UK to see how this aligns with their current priorities.
  • Advocate for open practices as a gold standard in a field (science) where verifiability is key.

Calculator Demo

BYSS calculator screencast demo

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

* is an Open Collective initiatve.

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