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SimpleBGC Serial API examples and libraries

This folders contains SBGC library and example sketches for Arduino, that shows how to control SimpleBGC-driven gimbal via Serial API.

API specs are available at the


libraries/SBGC_lib - common library that can be used in any C/C++ project
libraries/SBGC_Arduino - Arduino-specific library used in the examples

How to run examples:

  1. Copy the content of this folder (preserving subfolder structure) to your "Sketchbook" folder, as specified in the "File -> Preferences -> Sketchbook location" in the Arduino IDE. This step is important to let a compiler to find and include libraries.
  2. Open any *.ino example in the Arduino IDE, compile and upload to your Arduino board.
  3. Connect Arduino's serial interface to the UART connector on the SimpleBGC board: Arduino GND -> SimpleBGC GND Arduino TX -> SimpleBGC RX (optional) Arduino RX -> SimpleBGC TX You can power Arduino separatly or via +5V from onboard UART connector

All examples were tested with the Arduino 1.0 IDE, Pro Mini and UNO boards.