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Hybrid rendering application for the Performance Platform using Backbone and D3
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Hybrid rendering app for the GOV.UK Performance Platform using Backbone and D3. JavaScript is shared between the client and server, and the app makes use of progressive enhancement to provide a great experience in every browser.


This app runs inside the Performance Platform development environment, not in the standard GDS development VM.

Install dependencies:

bundle install
sudo npm install -g grunt-cli@0.1.9
sudo npm install -g supervisor@0.5.6
npm install

Building and running the app


If you're using our dev environment then cd /var/apps/pp-development and bowl performance. Once you've set up your DNS, will work. This will use backdrop as a data source.

If you want to run the app with stubs then cd /var/apps/spotlight and grunt. Once you've set up your DNS, will work. This will use stubs as a data source.

Otherwise, if not on the VM...

cd <spotlight_dir>
NODE_ENV=development_no_vm grunt

This will create a development build of the assets and then run the app at http://localhost:3057.

The app uses node-supervisor and grunt-contrib-watch to monitor changes, automatically restart the server and recompile Sass.

If you want to test with png rendering run the screenshot-as-a-service app first in the appropriate environment.

Running tests

Command line

Tests are divided into ones that work on both client and server (test/spec/shared) and ones that are server-only (test/spec/server) and client-only (test/spec/client).

grunt test:all runs all three of these tests in sequence:

  • grunt jasmine_node executes shared and server Jasmine tests in Node.js.
  • grunt jasmine executes shared and client Jasmine tests in PhantomJS.
  • grunt cucumber executes Cucumber features through PhantomJS.

bundle exec cucumber --profile sauce executes Cucumber features through SauceLabs (no Grunt task yet).


When the app is running in development mode, Jasmine tests for shared components are available at /tests. The specrunner gets automatically recreated on server start and when the specfiles change. Due to a bug in grunt-contrib-watch, new spec files are not currently detected automatically. When you add a new spec file, either restart the app or run grunt jasmine:spotlight:build.

Debugging locally

Install node-inspector on your VM with sudo npm install -g node-inspector@0.5.0 and run it with node-inspector.

On the VM:

Start the app with node --debug app/server.js.

Visit to view the console.

Or on your machine

Start the app with:

node app/server.js \

Visit http://localhost:8080/debug to view the console.


grunt build:production to create a production release.

NODE_ENV=production node app/server.js to run the app in production mode.


Build Status

Dependency Status

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